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Do you know how it feels like to be wiped out? To be helpless? To speak honestly, it sucks.
Sometimes I wish you were here, but of course you won't. I'm not naive enough to believe you could change, I gave up on that long ago.
But sometimes I just wish there'd be someone who tucked me in at night and held my hands, sitting at the edge of my bed just long enough to watch me slide into dreams, ready to hug me when I get scared. I miss that, you know? Well, you don't, of course. You'll never know, cause I can't overcome myself to tell you what I feel. I built that huge wall around what used to be my heart and now even I'm not able to get through anymore. What's left of me after you went away is just that. A little girl hidden behind an insuperable wall.
26.2.09 17:55
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